Holidays are coming…

It’s November. Liberty has unveiled its Christmas window display. There’s an advert about a monster under the bed. It’s officially acceptable to start planning for Christmas.

All year round I see things I want, then when it comes to being asked what I’d like for Christmas I can think of nothing! Plus it’s my birthday in December so I’m double-y useless at coming up with anything. So this year I’ve been making a list of things to ask for as and when they pop in to my head!

xmas list 1

On the list we have (clockwise from top left):

Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top, Jennifer Lauren Gable top, Simplicity 1613, Simplicity 1325, Tilly and the Buttons Arielle skirt, Victory Patterns Madeleine skirt

I’ve seen and heard such good things about these patterns, and my thinking is that they’ll be perfect for mixing and matching to build up a good all-round everyday handmade wardrobe (all the adjectives!).

Also on my wish list are these dresses:

xmas list 2Left to right: The Avid Seamstress The Day Dress, Colette Penny, Colette Moneta, Nina Lee Kew Dress.

I’m possibly the only sewist who hasn’t made an Avid Seamstress Day Dress or a Colette Moneta yet, they’re such good wardrobe staples so I’ll hopefully make a few next year.

I was very lucky and have already been gifted the Penny dress pattern, it’s so gorgeous! Let’s just stare at it for a little bit longer….ahhhh

Last but not least is the Kew Dress, a really versatile pattern with different dress options and a skirt option, so plenty of bang for your buck. I’ve got a wedding in May so will be making the version on the far right for the special occasion.

This is quite an optimistic plan for sewing in 2018, but these patterns will see me through the year and all work for different seasons and occasions. Really looking forward to getting going with these, then I can be really happy and gaze upon my armpit like the Moneta lady…

Colette Moneta 2 - jersey

Happy sewing, folks x

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