The future is bright

So I have officially gone with a new name. When I started this blog I wanted the angle of it to be all about saving money with sewing, however I’ve quickly come to realise that cheap fabric is cheap for a reason, and often when I sew with cheaper materials I take less care. I’ll always love a bargain and I’ll find ways to save wherever I can, it’s just how my brain is wired, but I want to create high quality, well made items, so I’m changing the stance of this blog to reflect this.

I’m a bit obsessed with Ted Talks (if you’ve never watched one, you must – go now (but come back here after!)), and I watched one called “Where joy hides and how to find it”. In this talk Ingrid Fetell Lee ‘reveals the surprisingly tangible roots of joy’ and it really struck a chord with me. I have a bit of an in-built radar for spotting pops of colour in the everyday, and these images from the street photography book I created in my last year at university give a little glimpse of that. When the general ‘art school thing’ was to create something deep and meaningful, I just wanted to make something bright and happy to make people smile: red mini copy2

west croy train copy

police sonic balloon

bus stop ladies

…and in all honesty, with my love for sewing taking the front seat and photography getting shoved to the back, I think my eye for these everyday glimpses of joy has dwindled, and I want to revive it!

I’d been mulling this over, and while thinking of a new name I came up with The Polka Dot Palace. I absolutely love polka dots, and as simplistic as it sounds, I love circles. That literally sounds like something a 4 year old would say, but in her talk, Fetell Lee surmises in one sentence what I could never put in to words about the joy circles and polka dots bring me:

“I saw all these patterns; round things. Pops of bright colour. Symmetrical shapes. A sense of abundance and multiplicity. A feeling of lightness and elation.”

And with hearing these words, the new blog name was decided!

Circles (in pompom form!) and colour were in abundance at my wedding



My aim is for this blog to grow in to a hub of creativity, colour, style and happiness. I’ll share photos of things I make and photos I take, and I hope you’ll enjoy sharing the joy with me.

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