Why it’s ok my #2018MakeNine isn’t going to plan

This was my first year joining in with #2018makenine, a sewing community movement where you plan 9 garments to make during the course of the year. It’s a great way of planning ahead and setting targets for specific things to make, but when I reviewed my progress I felt a bit…meh. Now we’re over half way through the year I’ve seen lots of Instagram and blog posts reviewing progress and lots of sewists have already completed all 9, which is amazing!

I originally planned to make these:

Top row: Gable top from Jennifer Lauren Handmade, the knit sweetheart top from Gertie, the Madeleine Skirt from Victory Patterns Middle row: TATB Arielle skirt, Jenna jumpsuit from Cotton and Chalk, the Penny dress from Colette Bottom row: TATB Lilou dress, Sew over It Doris dress, Kew dress from Nina Lee

I’ve made the Gable top, the Gertie top and the Kew dress. That’s it. C’est tout. Fin.

I was going to change my sewing plans to make sure I complete all nine, but when I really looked at my list, I could see some on there that I just don’t want to make or wear. A weird feeling of failure started to creep in; I’d publicly committed to making these and I know I’m not going to. The Jenna jumpsuit is lovely, but I’ve seen others I’d rather make, plus the summer is kind of behind us now so it won’t really get any wear. Lilou is such a cute dress but really, where am I going to wear it?? I realised I need to change tack and let my Make Nine evolve throughout the year and to use it as a starting point, not a list that must be adhered to.

Are you in the same boat? Do you feel a bit of a let down because you’re not finishing a list of goals? Here are my thoughts on how to use the challenge without letting it govern your sewing projects (or your mood!):

  • Keep it flexible – although you’re setting a target, it can change. If you made your first pair of trousers and realised you love wearing them, scrap the skirts and dresses and make some more trousers!
  • Let your list evolve – circumstances change. A year is a long time and a lot can happen, so let your nine evolve and work around you, rather than the other way round
  • Don’t feel tied to it being a ‘public promise’ – although you’ve put your list out there for all to see, it’s ok to change your mind
  • Don’t compare yourself to others! Everyone has different circumstances; even if you know you made the right selection with your Make Nine but you won’t have time to finish them all off, it’s ok, just go at your own pace and enjoy it
  • If you’re not excited to make it, don’t make it! The start of a new sewing project should fill you with excitement. What looked like a really great dress in January might not interest you any more – chuck it off your list and make something you really want to wear.

So I’m scrapping a few of my original choices, and others will take their place. I love making lists and planning ahead, and Make Nine is such a great starting point to make a plan for the year and I love seeing everyone’s progress, but I will be keeping my sewing plans fluid and reviewing throughout the year, keeping it relaxed but purposeful, and above all, fun!

6 thoughts on “Why it’s ok my #2018MakeNine isn’t going to plan

  1. This is why I decided not to do the challenge, because I know how long a commitment that is and how quickly my mood (even taste?) can change. I planned to sew Penny dress from Colette at the beginning of this Summer, I even printed, glued, and cut the pages already (yes, ALL of the pages). It’s almost Autumn now, my Penny is still nowhere to be seen. *sigh* Nice tips btw, will keep those in mind just in case one day I decided I needed more pressure in my life. Lol.



    1. Hi Faye, I’m so sorry it’s taken me a shameful amount of time to reply! You’re bang on with mood and taste changing, and funnily enough the Penny is on my list, I got the printed pattern for my birthday last December and I haven’t even cut it yet! That’s some commitment there to glue all those pages!


  2. This has made me feel so much better! I jumped into making a “make 9” when I hadn’t even made anything ever! I don’t think I even knew of 9 patterns. I think I’ve made 2 or 3 of them and know there’s no chance I’ll make the rest, absolutely not going to happen!


    1. Hi Anna, so sorry for the (mega!) delay replying to you. I’m glad it helped make you feel better, it’s great to have a guide but it’s definitely nothing to feel down about not ‘achieving’ is it. I hope your sewing journey is going well, look forward to seeing what you make next x


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