Eh, oh! Palazzo!

A new pattern company, The Pattern Preacher, got in touch with me on Instagram and kindly offered me one of their patterns. They didn’t specify what they wanted in return so although the pattern was ‘gifted’ in Instagram terms, in this blog post I am expressing my own views (and I’m not going to say everything was wonderful because it was gifted!) about the Sienna palazzo trousers.

In terms of which pattern to choose, it was a toss-up between the Sienna Palazzo trousers and the Olivia dress – I’ve seen so many beautiful versions of this dress and my favourite has to be Chantelle’s @i_seam_sew_happy_xx, go have a look at the beautiful spin she put on the design. However, I went for the Sienna trousers because the wide-leg shape really called out to me!

I measured up between a size 8 and 10, and from experience I decided to go for an 8 at the waist and grade to a 10 on the hips. Grading between the sizes was quite tricky, there’s quite a big difference between each size and I had to kind of wing it on the side seam of the pocket. I think this is partly because I know from my body shape that I need a very sudden ‘step’ from my waist to hip measurements (I have a 12” difference!), so depending on your shape you may be able to more easily create a gentle curve to ease between sizes. I also took in the waist by an extra 1cm which got the waistband to fit perfectly; it sits nicely but I have room to breathe (and eat all the snacks).

I have a long body so normally I have to add in 1cm or so to the rise, but these sit perfectly, I was so pleased! If you have a short body you may need to take out a wedge, but for me they land exactly on my waist with enough space in the crotch length (nice) to sit down comfortably.

The pattern is aimed at beginners, and the construction is really straightforward. There are darts at the back to give a nice shape on the bum, and the big pockets are a gorgeous detail, but other than that they’re nice and simple so beginner sewists would be able to give these a try. Although the making process is fairly easy, the instructions are printed quite small and may be difficult for beginners to fathom. We are quite spoilt with really clear step-by-step visual instructions from other pattern companies and these aren’t up to that level of clarity, but they do have some video tutorials in the pipeline which will be great.

I initially intended to crop these to a mid-calf length, but I really love the drama of the wide leg and chose to keep the full length. The pattern is suited to any lighter weight fabrics, and I think a cropped pair in linen would be great. The design is really simple, but these feel amazing to wear; I love the fitted waist and the shape is 70s-esque, so I had a great time swooshing around on our daily walk today!

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