Casper: the ultimate kids’ jumper

There are many basic slouchy sweatshirt sewing patterns out there, and I’ve found The One for children, in the form of the Casper sweater from WISJ patterns.  A family-run pattern company, WISJ (it’s the first initial of each family member’s name combined, in case you’re wondering) sells patterns to create your own fun, quirky, yet practical childrenswear.  

When talking about our aims for the year ahead on un:CUT podcast, I said I’d like to make more clothes for my family. Max is 3 years old, he’s a big lad, and finding clothes that fit him nicely is a bit of a mission. I decided to start with some projects for him, and came across WISJ on Instagram. Max has a builder’s bum that never lets up. Seriously, it’s just always there. Cue: the Casper sweater. With its dipped hem at the back, this sweater solves the issue perfectly!

Jumper: yes. Lockdown hair: not so much.

The slouchy shape makes this comfortable for little ones, but the fitted cuffs hold in those sleeves so they’re not getting in the way of play. It’s a straightforward sew, constructed in the same way as any other sweater or basic tee I’ve tried, and being so small, it’s quick to make, too!

Another bonus, the pattern is only €5,00! It also has a generous size range, from 2 to 14 years, so this one pattern could see you through years of use. I made one for my 12-year-old who decided he didn’t like it, which worked out well for me! I made an age 10 – 11 for him and I’m a UK 8, so if you’re up to a UK 10, I’d say you could fit into this pattern!

It’s not going to win any fashion awards, but this jumper is great for hanging about at home!

The thing I really like about WISJ patterns is that they’re subtly quirky. Children need to be able to roam and be comfortable, and WISJ patterns allow for that, but they also add a little individual flair to their designs. The Casper is basic, but the dipped hem at the back, slight gathers around the waistband, dropped shoulders and slouchy shape make it just a little bit different from standard sweatshirts. The patterns are so reasonably priced (although they’re all PDF so you do have to factor in printing), and they do bundles which offer savings.  

I also bought the Timo trousers, a slouchy jean with two variations, which I’m hoping will further address the builder’s bum issue! I’ll share the finished trousers on my Instagram, and I’m secretly hoping I can make myself a pair from this pattern too!  

Click here to visit WISJ’s website.

The fabric used for Max’s jumper is a jersey from Fabrics Galore, click here to visit their website.

The French terry in the jumper that ended up being mine is from Lamazi Fabrics, click here to visit their shop.

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