How to: Make a scallop edge cushion

This cushion is the perfect little refresh for your sofa. I love using bold prints for my homeware, but this works just as well in a plain fabric to let the shape do the talking. Also, as each scallop piece is made individually, this is a great scrap buster and you could clash a number of fabrics. 

You may have seen other tutorials that show how to do a scallop edge on e.g. a skirt hem, and they will generally be a nice curve, but I wanted proper semi circles on this. Because of this, each ‘scallop’ is made individually. This may seem like a mammoth task but trust me, it’s a lovely methodical and easy project.

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How to: Sew your own necktie

Almost without realising it, I’ve started adding little neckties whenever I wear shirts (and that’s quite often). They just create the perfect finishing touch. I shared a photo of myself wearing one on Instagram and received loads of questions about it, so here’s a quick tutorial so you can sew your own. I’ve given three options so you can create the shape that’s right for you. 

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How to: Sew an elasticated skirt with a flat front waistband 

I love a big-volume skirt but an elasticated waistband does me no favours, so I drafted this one with all the comfort of elastic, but a more flattering waistband. With an elasticated back and a flat front waistband, this has come to be called the FFS. The Flat Front Skirt (what else?!).

All this involves is drawing rectangles, so if the sound of drafting a pattern terrifies you, this is the perfect project to try. Also, this has no fastenings, so it’s a quick and easy sewing project! 

Let’s sew this skirt!
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A cut above the rest: LDH Scissors Review

This article was written as part of a paid partnership with LDH Scissors. 

Also, apologies for the terrible pun in the title, I couldn’t resist.

I have a tendency to ‘make do’ with what I have. Whether it’s a pair of trainers that are literally falling apart, a towel that’s gone all scratchy, or tights that have had endless holes repaired, if something does the job, I’ll carry on using it. My fabric shears had definitely fallen into this category, I just didn’t know it.  

I bought my scissors when I went to study fashion at uni back in 2006. I don’t know how you were when it came to spending your student loan, but I definitely didn’t invest in the best pair of scissors that I could have. And yet, that pair of scissors saw me through my degree and onto many happy years of crafting and sewing since. They did the job. I just didn’t realise they were doing a bit of a substandard job that whole time. 

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