I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…

Remember long car journeys before you could while away the time on a screen?

A tragic loss at the hands of tablets and smartphones is the historic tradition of: car games. A childhood institution has been forgotten! When we weren’t elbow fighting (if you’re one of three children, you know what I’m on about), my sisters and I would play alphabet memory games where the first player says something like: “I went to the seaside and I took…an apple.” Then the next player says: “I went to the seaside and I took…an apple and a bucket.” The next player then says: “I went to the seaside and I took…an apple, a bucket and a chihuahua.” And so on through the alphabet.

With this blog post I want to bring back the car game, but instead of going to the seaside we’re going Christmas shopping, and we’re only buying from indie businesses. Black Friday/Cyber Monday/January sales (it goes on and on!) must be a really scary time for small and independent businesses, so we need to show them our support! This is the first in a four part series, as all in one go will be a bit much, so herein we have A to G:

I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…

Atelier Brunette from Sew Me Sunshine

Sew Me Sunshine is one of the most beautifully curated collections of fabric online; the business is run by the very lovely Harriet from her studio in West London.  

Breaking the Pattern from Named

I’m a bit obsessed with all of Named‘s patterns. The sister duo creates understated designs with unique and subtle twists. Perfection. 

Craft classes with Sew Yeah

Sew Yeah is the brainchild of creative genius, Christine Leech. I’ve met her at a few events and she’s awesome; she’s also obsessed with pompoms so that’s all you need to know really. 

Drop earrings from Stella and Wolf

I recently bought my first pair of earrings from Stella and Wolf and I’m in love! I have really sensitive skin so quite often I can’t wear costume jewellery but these were fine against my skin, hooray! 

Embroidery from Bearshark Embroidery

I’ve followed Ella’s embroidery journey on Instagram and she’s so talented! She now sells on Etsy, and her designs are sewn on thrifted garments so it’s a super sustainable option.  

Fuelled by tea badge from Samantha Eynon

A badge that speaks to us all. Samantha makes beautifully illustrated badges, patches, prints, and she does custom pet portraits!  

Glassware from Mor Margate

Mor Margate is a gorgeous shop in, you guessed it, Margate. They sell amazing handmade, vintage and limited edition pieces. 

So there’s A to G done, I hope they’ve given a bit of inspiration for your Christmas shopping. Come back next week for H to N…

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