2020 Make Nine

I am a bit (*ahem very) obsessed with lists, so the Make Nine challenge really appeals to me. My experience with it in the past has been a bit unsuccessful so I didn’t join in for 2019, thinking it just wasn’t right for me. However, now I’ve built up a good stash of fabric and I know what I want and need from my wardrobe, I feel 2020 is the year to dive back in.

The plan is:

1) I wear my Named Lempi dress so often and it’s turned out to be a brilliant wardrobe staple. I’ll use some beautiful raspberry floral needlecord from Sew Me Sunshine that I’ve been too afraid to cut!

2) I made a wearable toile of the CocoWawa Honeycomb dress last year and it ended up completely the wrong size for me so my sister has it. I have mega fomo so I’m going make a short sleeve version for myself in floral viscose from Brixton market.

3) I made an I Am patterns Lucienne shirt for a secret Santa gift and now I want one for myself (fomo strikes again)! I’ll make one with their free sleeve add-on using olive green tencel from Sew Me Sunshine.

4) I wore my Vogue V9075 culotte hack so much in 2019 so another pair would definitely come in handy. I’m going to try the Vintage Butterick 6075 culottes in…I can’t remember what the fabric is or where it’s from but it’s a navy woven!

5) I found this H&M top in a charity shop early last year and I wear it loads. I’ll hack the Tilly and the Buttons Freya to recreate it in khaki ribbed jersey from Simply Fabrics.

6) I used the Arielle skirt from Tilly and the Buttons as a base to make this denim skirt but the back doesn’t sit as smoothly as I’d like. Still, I wear it so much so I could do with a couple more! I’m going to draft a new one from scratch and use mustard denim and black needlecord offcuts.

7) If the I Am Lucienne goes well I’ll make another in this mustard animal print viscose from Sew Me Sunshine

8) I use a huge tote bag to carry my camera and all my stuff so it’s in one place, but the bag is knackered; a new one is definitely needed! I’ll self draft a big tote and use this floral heavy weight cotton I bought in a charity shop.

9) If the Honeycomb dress turns out nicely I’ll make a sleeveless version in floral and spotty viscoses I bought at one of the Sew Me Sunshine open studio events.

Given that I have all the fabrics and patterns (apart from the ones I need to draft), and these are all items that I know I’ll get a lot of wear from, this should be the year I achieve Make Nine! It’s been great seeing everyone else’s plans popping up, and I really look forward to us all sharing our Make Nine journeys now the new year is upon us! Happy 2020, everyone!

6 thoughts on “2020 Make Nine

  1. I’ve admired your Lempi when I’ve seen you wearing it and would like to make one myself- but I have made a self-imposed ban on new patterns so I’ll be trying a hack of one or two that I think might produce something similar. I’m with you on making a new tote bag. I have two acquired at least 10 years ago and both are so worn that I should be ashamed to still use them. I do have some fabric that I intend to use. I love the bag making videos on youtube by sewingtimes, JSdaily and Easy to Sew. Maybe have a look at their channels and see if you can find a bag there that answers your needs to save you self-drafting.


    1. I really enjoy seeing your makes. We have a different shape so some things you make wouldn’t suit me but I do love your insta for inspiration. Some gorgeous dresses!


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