I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…the final chapter

We’re on the final part of our indie-biz shopping trip already! I hope this series has given you some inspiration and pointed you in the direction of some amazing independent businesses that are out there; I think it’s really important we give them our support!

Let’s get down to it, I went indie biz Christmas shopping and I bought…

Vinyl from Happy Fabric

Happy Fabric stocks iron-on vinyl in all types of finishes which can be applied to pretty much everything. They’re brilliant for personalising and upcycling, but these should come with a warning: once you start Happy Fabric-ing you can’t stop Happy Fabric-ing.

Wyatt and Jack handbags

Wyatt and Jack make bright, statement accessories from recycled materials like bouncy castles! They’re so inventive and show a brilliant way to repurpose materials.

X-stitch kit from Stitchsperation

I bought one of these cross stitch kits at the Handmade Festival this year to make a wedding gift. They do all sorts of kits on different backgrounds and they make such a lovely handmade present. I totally underestimated the hours it would take to make so it’s definitely not a last-minute option (unless you give the gift three months late, which I definitely 100% haven’t done at all)!

Yellow mini bag kit from leather needle thread

Holy moly I can’t get over how gorgeous leather needle thread’s bags are. They come in different colours and styles, and you weave them together – no sewing! They also run workshops so you can get a bit social with your crafting too.

Zoo fabric from Fabrics Galore

I bought this gorgeous zoo animal jersey and a few other lovely prints from Fabrics Galore to make trousers and hats for the million babies my friends had this year. The quality is brilliant and the prints are so lovely; I especially love this one because it’s good for girls without being pink and cutesy!

And we’re all done! Thanks for sticking with me on our shopping trip, this has been very different from my usual posts but I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Happy Christmas, everyone. I hope you all have a lovely festive season filled with laughter, memories and crafting!

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