I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…(part 3)

How are we already on part 3 of our indie biz shopping trip? If this is the first you’ve seen of this and you’re wondering what I’m on about, click here to read the first post in the series!

We’re nearing the end of the list with letters O to U, so let’s get going. I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…

One Scoop Store‘s amazing curation of pre-loved clothes and accessories.

I’m a big fan of buying second hand, and Holly sources beautiful vintage and new(ish, they’re all pre-loved) items.

Pots from herclay

Handmade, unique and so so beautiful! Rosie makes pots, jugs, jars and other ceramic items from her studio in South East London and I love them all.

Quilting cotton from Cloth and Candy

Cloth and Candy is run by Fuz, who I met at a recent sewing meet-up. She’s from Croydon so she’s obviously awesome, and she stocks bold, bright prints to brighten your home and wardrobe.

Ring dish from Lizzie May Design

If, like me, you’ve fallen for the greenery trend, you’ll love Lizzie May’s illustrated gifts and prints.

Studs from SuperMoonLondon

I bought these studs and some drop earrings from Divya’s brilliant Etsy shop, where she sells handmade statement jewellery. Every time I wear her earrings someone stops me on the street to ask where they’re from!

Terrazzo tile necklace from Rosa Pietsch

Rosa makes unique laser-cut and resin jewellery, and these terrazzo-style necklaces are divine. Go have a look at her art deco-meets-astronomy items, they’re incredible.

Underwear sewing kit from Evie la Luve

These sewing kits are gorgeous, and as a one-stop-shop for all the supplies it seems like the perfect way to try sewing lingerie.

That’s it for this week, and we’ve only got one instalment left! See you next week for V to Z…

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