CocoWawa Honeycomb: Third time’s a charm!

I wrote about this pattern before (click here if you’d like to have a read), and I admitted that something about it didn’t feel right. It was my second attempt – the first was far too big, then the second try just looked off; my recent revelation about viscose explains why! I’m so glad I realised it was the fabric type and not the dress itself because I love the design.

Having realised it was the viscose that was the problem for me, I decided to make another in some cotton poplin that I bought from Sew Me Sunshine.

I checked the measurements and cut a Size 1, then the panic set in – I’m slim but not the smallest of people so I convinced myself I shouldn’t have cut the smallest size! Although the toile in viscose was a bit roomy, I learnt from the By Hand London Flora dresses I’ve made that viscose tends to give a bit more ease than a more structured fabric like poplin, so I was sure I’d fluffed it up.

I cut very frugally in case I had to remake the bodice, but thankfully it fits, huzzah! This would be my main word of advice with this pattern – it is very generous. If anything, there is almost a bit too much room around the upper chest, kind of where the armscye is, but that’s being hyper critical and overanalysing my makes!

Overall, I’m so so glad I revisited this pattern. I finished sewing this on Sunday and wore it straight away; it’s comfortable, it’s a bit dressy, it’s versatile (I put on yellow buttons so it’s a bit more summer-appropriate), and I’ll definitely be making another! If you’re looking for a dress or shirt that makes you feel a bit dressy but still comfy a.f., I’d highly recommend this corker of a pattern.

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