2021 Sewing Bingo

Better late than never, here’s a review of my 2021 sewing projects! I decided against joining in with Make Nine last year, but what did appeal to me was Patsy Poo’s sewing bingo:

It may be cheating, but I’ve grouped mine together, so some projects tick more than one box.  

Print, Separates, a First and a Repeat

This outfit was one of my last projects of the year and quite possibly my favourite. It somewhat loudly ticks off the print category! The shirt (a Lyra dress, sewn as a shirt, from Tilly and the Buttons) and trousers (Portobello Trousers from Nina Lee) are separates, a faux jumpsuit is a first for me and the shirt is a repeat. 

Quick and easy, Solid, Everyday Basic, Spur of the moment 

The Gable Top from Jennifer Lauren Handmade is easily my favourite stretch top sewing pattern. It fits a whole bunch of bingo card categories; it’s easy to sew, the perfect everyday basic, and I made it in a solid colour, this black jersey from Thimble and Notch. This was a bit of a sad spur of the moment sew because I made it after my nan sadly passed away. I needed an easy project to take my mind off things, and this fit the bill perfectly.  

The Gable top worn with my FFS, click here for the tutorial.

Long time coming, Pattern from stash 

They’re somewhat famous in the sewing community, and somehow I hadn’t got round to making them until 2021. These are, of course, the Winslow Culottes from Helen’s Closet. I’d had the pattern for a couple of years and I don’t know why I hadn’t made them yet so they were definitely a long time coming. I’m dreaming up some more for 2022 in a bold African wax print.

One piece, Something special  

Although I’d made the Kew dress quite a few times, this version warranted its own blog post as it was one of my favourite makes ever! I almost missed out on this fabric from Nerida Hansen but luckily scored some and made this Kew. I wore it for everything from everyday wear, to a birthday celebration, to our friends’ wedding. This is one of those outfits that just feels amazing to wear, and it’s become a really special dress for me. 

A favourite, More involved

The pattern that took me by surprise and has subtly changed my style. The Lennox Boiler Suit from Homer and Howells (click here to read about it) was one of my most-worn makes of 2021. This pattern swayed me to more utilitarian styles and has made me want to make more trousers and culottes. Although not the most complex of sewing projects, the fly fastening and fitting required put this in the more involved category.

For someone else  

I don’t sew a lot for others, but these two makes were a joy. Another insta-famous sewing pattern, I finally made a Friday Pattern Company Wilder Gown for my friend’s birthday present and she looks amazing in it! I also made a linen Ilford Jacket for the husband, which he wore all summer.

Fabric from stash 

I started 2021 with a plan to use my stash, so pretty much everything fitted this category. I didn’t buy any new fabric for months and I don’t think I ended the year with any fabric I started with, which is a pretty sound achievement! I’m planning the same this year and will be sharing a post with my sewing plans for 2022, so stay tuned…

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